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Khusrau, Amir - Ghazal 69



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Ghazal 69: basi shab ba mahi budam kuja shud an hama shabha

Many nights I was with a moon.
Where are all those nights gone?
It's night again now, dark
with the smoke of my cries.

Happy nights I spent with her,
giddy at times or drunk.
When I recall those nights,
my world goes black.

I used to rehearse the tale
of her eyelashes and brows
over and again like children
reciting the Qur'an at school.

What might happen one night
if she asks how a stranger
below her wall passes
the night these lonely nights?

You are the meaning behind every form.
Come, let lovers-
forms without meaning-
live again in your street.

Though you robbed me of heart
and soul, look at me and see
how finely that smile came
from those lips into these eyes.

Don't grieve for your life
though the Friend slays you, Khusrau.
The beautiful have many sects
that act this way.

The source of the experience

Khusrau, Amir

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