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Aurora and Cephalus



Type of Spiritual Experience


..inspired by a painting

The painting is by Pierre-Narcisse, baron Guérin - May 13th 1774 to July 6th 1883. French painter born in Paris.


Aurora, goddess of dawn, is on the point of waking the mortal Céphalus, the husband of Procis, with whom she is in love. Aurora, fell in love with Cephalus and tried to seduce him, but he thought only of his wife and rejected her. The story is told in Book 7 of Ovid’s 'Metamorphoses'.

A description of the experience

Here I am Aurora, goddess of the dawn
Below beloved Cephalie, stifles his first yawn
We’ve spent daybreak together, making love amongst the stars
Soaring on the rings of Saturn, lying scorched on red earth Mars
Sliding down through Venus, morning star, watching blue clouds pass
And we’re resting here on Jupiter in great swirls of red spot gas 

The one I love, the one I love, he’s had love he’s never known
I’ve seduced him, I have loved him, celestial pleasures I have shown
He has reached new heights of ecstasy, he has died of heavenly bliss
I have shown him seventh heaven, and he repays me with a kiss
And each dawn he goes and leaves me, as I fade back to sun
Into the dazzling rays of loneliness, I wait for night to come

And my tears at every going send out storm clouds ‘cross the sky
Black and full of pain they race away with heaving west wind sigh
And each day that he with Procis spends and never spends with me
Bring tears of rain that flood his heart with my long mournful plea
Give up your cunning scheming wife, please Cephale please stay
And you can be a god like me – perhaps the God of day

But Aurore is not mortal, her love struck face cannot be seen
Cephale only knows during daytime, that his dreams have rapture been
He knows only that he aches for sleep and aches for early dawn
And the feeling every morning that he is a man reborn
And he only knows the tedious day drags on in the harsh light
And that his wife’s soft body has no appeal for him at night
He only knows that pink soft light of sunrise and new day
Is the only time he’s happy and that such thoughts won’t go away.

The source of the experience

Jelling, Lily

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Unrequited love


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