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Berlioz - Le carnaval romain



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Le carnaval romain

His schedule for his concert tours were exhausting.  In 1842, Berlioz embarked on a concert tour of Belgium from September to October. In December he began a tour in Germany which continued until the middle of the following year. Towns visited included Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Weimar, Hechingen, Darmstadt, Dresden, Brunswick, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Mannheim. In Leipzig he met Felix Mendelssohn and Robert Schumann, the latter of whom had written an enthusiastic article on the Symphonie fantastique. He met Wagner in Dresden and Giacomo Meyerbeer in Berlin. Back in Paris, Berlioz began to compose the concert overture Le carnaval romain, based on music from Benvenuto Cellini. The work was finished the following year and was premiered shortly after. Nowadays it is among the most popular of his overtures.

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Colin Davis conducts Hector Berlioz's Le Carnaval romain, Op. 9

Colin Davis conducts Hector Berlioz's Le Carnaval romain, Op. 9

Sir Colin Davis
London Symphony Orchestra
10 October 1965, Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London

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