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Keats, John - Letter March 1819



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So many powerful interpretations can be made of this simple set of pararaphs - the obsessive nature of wanting - desire - the inability because of this to relax, the inability to truly 'see' because of the  'unwandering eye'.

But one can also put a positive slant on it in terms of destiny - each creature has a purpose - a destiny and 'its eyes are bright with it' - from the apparently lowly to the apparently not so lowly.

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John Keats - Letter March 1819

The greater part of Men make their way with the same instinctiveness, the same unwandering eye from their purposes, the same animal eagerness as the Hawk ..... I go among the Fields and catch a glimpse of a stoat or a field mouse peeping out of the withered grass - the creature hath a purpose, and its eyes are bright with it.

I go amongst the buildings of a city and I see a Man hurrying along - to what?  The Creature has  a purpose, and his eyes are bright with it.

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Keats, John

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