Being in extremely inhospitable surroundings

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Introduction and description

There are a number of places on this planet which are extremely inhospitable – threatening to human life.  Places like the Antarctic or Arctic or the desert, or isolated mountain ranges can provoke a spiritual experience from the sheer inhospitability of the conditions in which the person there has to live – battling against winds, cold or heat, and both the physical and mental exhaustion resulting from the effort to simply survive.  Many of the people who have experiences in these conditions are not alone, they have companions, so it is not true sensory deprivation that causes the experiences.  It is usually exhaustion.

Sleep deprivation, which itself may have been caused by the need to physically work for long hours to provide a safe place in which to sleep or rest, or get out of danger, is common.  And all this is exacerbated by fear – emotional overload – so like many of the examples we have seen in this section, it is very often a combination of factors working together that are the final deciding point that tips the balance.

How it works

A person in these surroundings may suffer from

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