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Exposure to LF industrial magnetic fields

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Introduction and description

Industrial electrical equipment or installations can produce  a background magnetic field.  There are a large number of industrial – that is non domestic – forms of equipment that emit low frequency magnetic fields, for a list see Industrial electrical equipment

And background magnetic fields can produce hallucinations, visions and out of body experiences .

How it works

Stimulation via Resonance.   

The increase in the background magnetic radiation will induce a change to the electrical current of the neurons.  In effect, industrial  equipment produces background magnetic fields which induce changes in the electric current in our bodies

The stimulation as we can see will be somewhat arbitrary with industrial equipment, as such whether you get a spiritual experience or not will depend a lot on where your head is in relation to the equipment and the intensity of the signal. Most of the hallucinations and visions reported by people thus tend to be totally accidental.

It is clear that hallucinations can be induced by high intensity fields, but in this case it is far more likely that you will just become ill – really ill – before you ever get an hallucination or spiritual experience.  The medical literature on this is absolutely unequivocal on this point.  Exposure to high intensity ELF magnetic radiation can kill you.  For example…

Kheifets L, Repacholi M, Saunders R, van Deventer E. The sensitivity of children to electromagnetic fields. Pediatrics. 2005, Aug; 116(2):e303-13.
In today's world, technologic developments bring social and economic benefits to large sections of society; however, the health consequences of these developments can be difficult to predict and manage. With rapid advances in electromagnetic field (EMF) technologies and  communications, children are increasingly exposed to EMFs at earlier and earlier ages.
Consistent epidemiologic evidence of an association between childhood leukemia and exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields has led to their classification by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a "possible human carcinogen." Concerns about the potential vulnerability of children to radio frequency (RF) fields have been raised because of the potentially greater susceptibility of their developing nervous systems; in addition, their brain tissue is more conductive, RF penetration is greater relative to head size, and they will have a longer lifetime of exposure than adults.
To evaluate information relevant to children's sensitivity to both ELF and RF EMFs and to identify research needs, the World Health Organization held an expert workshop in Istanbul, Turkey, in June 2004. This article is based on discussions from the workshop and provides background information on the development of the embryo, fetus, and child, with particular attention to the developing brain; an outline of childhood susceptibility to environmental toxicants and childhood diseases implicated in EMF studies; and a review of childhood exposure to EMFs. It also includes an assessment of the potential susceptibility of children to EMFs and concludes with a recommendation for additional research and the development of precautionary policies in the face of scientific uncertainty.

It is worth adding that even low intensity low frequency stimulation can in the long term lead to cell death, so if you find that you are getting experiences of this kind, you should immediately take yourself away from any long term exposure to the equipment as you could suffer brain damage of a permanent sort.

In general, the Electromagnetic field created is equal to the frequency of the power supply, hence for example, if the power supply is operated with alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, the electric and magnetic fields are also 50 Hz alternating fields.

With high-voltage power lines, the higher the current, and the greater the distances between the power-bearing conductors, the greater the spatial bearing of the magnetic field. The walls of buildings cannot screen magnetic fields effectively.

A study made in the British Midlands in 1981of 590 houses in which suicides had taken place over a 10 year period.  The conclusions were that you are 40% more likely to kill yourself if you live in a house too near a powerline.  The ultimate spiritual experience - death.

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