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Animals, entities, cosmic jellyfish and astral creatures coming out of the electric sockets



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There may be a connection with pharmaceuticals here

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Has anyone looked into the EMF and microwave frequency or tech?

I too have experience of this. However twice I have been awake and lucid, albeit exhausted, but able to interact with these things.

People here often mentioned they came from the ceiling. I thought it was more from the electrical sockets, such as the lights which are suspended from the ceiling. They seem to form energy sources and appear to understand me. The realism is unlike any dream or lucid dream, but I am aware fatigue plays a role and that dim lighting helps call them into vision. However I am not always on the verge of sleep -- just utterly exhausted.

My experiences have often involved the same types of things: animals, entities, astral creatures whatever you want to call them. They are glow bugs and cosmic jellyfish like creatures. They are different from your standard jellyfish, but can't think how else to describe it. These guys always pay a visit and kind of creep me out. I don't let them touch me, although sometimes they try/do anyway. It doesn't hurt. When I tell them to leave, they usually do

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