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Yram - It has the colour of freshly cut ebonite



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Practical Astral projection - Yram

The virgin matter into which I projected myself exhibited no ties like those mentioned above. Neither thought, desire, will, nor any attraction of our own world has power over this matter, and equally, the matter has no magnetic effect on us.

Seen in bulk, this matter has the colour of freshly cut ebonite. It gives out no vibration. It has no elasticity. Whereas in our system the radio-active emanations of matter increase the joy of living and feeling, here we feel nothing, and we are not aware of the very least reaction. According to the density of this virgin substance so we have the impression of standing before a thick wall or in a mist, neither so solid nor so dark. Whichever may be the case, in order to penetrate into it we must make a definite mechanical effort. With arms outstretched we must push this matter aside in order to break through, when we have the quite material sensation of moving in a sort of "paste” which does not stick and is not cloying. In an atmosphere which is not so dense, all that we need to do is to make the motion of wrapping it around us, just as we would put on a cloak……

The existence of a substance so material led me to suppose that it might well be the root of matter.

Let us admit for a moment that this stagnant, motionless, vibrationless matter, this ebonite coloured atmosphere, this veil of substance without ties of any kind, is the virgin state of the matter existing without form in the infinite.

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