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Introduction and description

Grief is caused by the permanent loss of someone you loved, but love can also be rejected, spurned or in modern language you may have been 'dumped'.  If you still long for the person, then on the site this is called Unrequited love, so follow the link to find out more. 

But other things may also be at work.  Depending on how the rejection was handled,  an element of humiliation may also be at work.  If everyone knows you have been spurned, the humiliation becomes much greater.  This is also on the site - see Humiliation.  Thus any experiences are caused by a combination of the two.  W B Yeats, for example,  suffered from both - he was both rejected [and carried on loving Maud Gonne - the lady in question] and humiliated when she married someone else.

Jose Luis Munozluque


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