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Introduction and description


My father was a pacifist, a gentle man who loved nature and his allotments, birds and flowers and us – my brother and I. But like many hundreds of thousands of others he was conscripted in the last War – World War II and thus forced to fight.  He became responsible for logistics – trying to find lodging and food.  He was there at D-Day and was part of the D day landings – an event he never forgot simply because his truck nearly sank as it was ejected from the ship in water which was too deep.  Luckily it was a diesel and kept going.  He also never forgot seeing dead bodies and the smell of death.

In his eighties he had nightmares where he relived the terror of those moments.

There are some men who relish fights.  There are a large number of politicians who appear to believe that wars are the solution to everything.  Our last prime minister Tony Blair appeared to believe that war was the solution to a problem which was not even ours. But of course, politicians never have to fight and politicians never have to face the problems they create.  All have blood on their hands, may they be forever damned.

War has a record of producing an enormous number of spiritual experiences.  The pain from wounds is of course one mechanism.  But many seem to result from just one mechanism – overwhelming fear and terror – absolute terror.

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