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This Vietnam veteran felt at one point as if he had left the operating room where his physical body lay and had travelled back to the battlefield where other American soldiers were picking up the dead ……………

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Recollections of death – Dr Michael Sabon

Perhaps the most dramatic example of attempted communication between the near death victim in the out of body state and others physically present at the time was described by a 33 year old Vietnam veteran who lost both legs and an arm following a mine explosion.  His NDE began on the battlefield at the time of the explosion and continued as his unconscious body was transported by helicopter to the nearest field hospital.  He remained with his body all this time.

Whilst in the operating room in the field hospital, ‘watching’ his own operation he tried to stop the surgeon from saving his life

S:  I’m trying to stop them [the doctors].  I really did try to grab a hold of them and stop them, because I really felt happy where I was … I actually remember grabbing the doctor
A:  What happened?
S:  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  It was almost like he wasn’t there.  I grabbed and he wasn’t there or either I just went through him or whatever.

Recollections of death – Dr Michael Sabon

While they were doing this [surgery], I remember all of a sudden going right back to the battlefield where I had been lost.  They were cleaning up after the battle.  I am watching all these men that had died that day and they were putting them in those ponchos and picking up the wounded.  One of the group I knew, and I remember distinctly trying to get him to stop from picking up those bodies.  I couldn’t do it and all of a sudden I was right back in the medevac place…. It was almost like you materialise there and all of a sudden the next instant you were over here.  It was just like you blinked your eyes

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