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Pere Teilhard de Chardin - Pensees

Like materialistic biologists who think they can do away with the soul by dismantling the physico-chemical mechanisms of the living cell, zoologists are persuaded they have done away with the necessity of a First Cause simply because they have discovered a little more about the general structure of His work. 

It is time we set aside once and for all a problem so invalidly stated.  No: strictly speaking, scientific transformation can prove nothing for or against the existence of God.  It simply establishes as a fact the concantenation of reality.  It offers us an anatomy of life, not an ultimate explanation of life.  It affirms that something has become organism, something has developed, but to discern the ultimate conditions of that development is beyond competence.

To decide whether the evolutionary process is self explanatory, or whether it demands for its explanation a progressive and continuous act of creation on the part of a first Mover, this falls within the domain not of physics but of meta physics.

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Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre

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