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They could communicate telepathically, so decided to float about the battlefield to see what else was happening



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

One man relayed to me the unusual story of dual NDEs that occurred to him and a friend many years ago during the Korean War.

He was in his early twenties when his company was overrun by the enemy and bombed heavily. Only two of them remained alive and they were badly wounded. As he lay on the battlefield in agony, he suddenly found himself floating above his body in total peace and painlessness. To his surprise, when he looked around, he saw his buddy floating above his body as well. They could communicate telepathically and decided to float about the battlefield to see what else was happening. As they floated over the scene of incredible chaos and destruction, they recognized the large number of casualties, but they continued to feel at peace within themselves. They later talked about the experience as they lay in their hospital beds recovering from their massive wounds.

I wonder if simultaneous NDEs might not be that uncommon on a battlefield, where many people might well be experiencing NDEs at the same time.

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