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Shirley, Ralph - The Angel Warriors at Mons 12 – The Battle of Mook-Heath of April 13, 1574



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Invisible input - prophecy

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The ghostly story of the Battle of Edge Hill which has been perpetuated in the Memorials of John Hampden, His Party and Times, by Lord Nugent, finds a close parallel in the record of the Battle of Mook-Heath of April 13, 1574, as narrated in Motley's Rise of the Dutch Republic. In both cases were individual combatants identified. In both cases the phenomena were not confined to experiences of the sight alone. The shouts of the combatants and the discharge of cannon and the rattle of musketry were clearly audible in both instances. The main difference indeed lay in the curious fact that whereas the phenomena at Edge Hill followed the date of the battle, in the case of Mook-Heath they preceded it by some twelve months.

It appears, indeed, that in some peculiar way great wars open up fresh channels for the psychic senses, and the physical struggle of great armies appears ever to have its counterpart on the spiritual plane, by the bringing into action of psychic forces working for good or evil, on the side of Light or of Darkness — " principalities and powers mustering their unseen array " — upon whose efforts no less than upon the efforts of those now living on the physical plane the great and final issues of this vast world-conflict ultimately depend.

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Shirley, Ralph

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