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Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre - Phenomenon of Man - Diversification



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Pere Teilhard de Chardin

When we look deeper and more generally we see that the rejuvenations made possible by each reproduction, achieve something more than mere substitution.  They add, one to the other, and their sum increases in a pre-defined direction.  Dispositions are accentuated, organs are adjusted or supplemented.  We get diversification, the growing specialisation of factors forming a single genealogical sequence – in other words the appearance of the line as a natural unit distinct from the individual.

This law of controlled complication, the mature stage of the process in which we get first the micro-molecule then the mega molecule and finally the first cells is known to biologists as orthogenesis..... terms succeed each other experimentally, following constantly increasing degrees of centro-complexity.... living matter falls or rather rises towards forms that are more and more improbable......without orthogenesis life would only have spread, with it there is an ascent of life that is invincible

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Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre

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