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Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose – His Life and Speeches - On empathy



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Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose – His Life and Speeches

The Bose Institute 7th February 1919

It is a little over four years now that the embodiment of World Tragedy stalked over Western Europe.  The fair field of France and the bright sky was under a pall of battle smoke. 

Our sight could not penetrate through the dense gloom, and the mortal cry of the wounded and the dying, drowned by the hoarse roar of a thousand did not reach our ear. 

But from the time the Sikh and the Pathan, the Gurkha and the Benghali, the Mahratta and the Rajput flung themselves in front of battle, from that day our perception has become intensified.  The distant cry of those whose life blood has crimsoned the white field of snow, has found reverberating echo in our heart. 

What is that subtle bond by which all distances are bridged over, and by which an individual life becomes merged in larger life?  Sympathy is that bond by which we come to realise the unity of all life.

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