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Near-Death and Other Transpersonal Experiences Occurring During Catastrophic Events



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Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2016 Mar 2. pii: 1049909116631298. [Epub ahead of print]  Near-Death and Other Transpersonal Experiences Occurring During Catastrophic Events.  Lawrence M1.

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The purpose of this article is to describe examples of near-death and other transpersonal experiences occurring during catastrophic events like floods, wars, bombings, and death camps.

To date, researchers have limited their investigations of these transpersonal events to those occurring to seriously ill patients in hospitals, those dying from terminal illnesses, or to individuals experiencing a period of grief after the death of a loved one.

Missing is awareness by first responders and emergency healthcare professionals about these transpersonal experiences and what to say to the individuals who have them. Some responders experience not only deaths of the victims they assist, but also deaths of their colleagues. Information about these transpersonal experiences can also be of comfort to them. The examples in this article include

  • a near-death experience during the Vietnam War,
  • an out-of-body experience after a bomb explosion during the Iraq War,
  • a near-death visit to a woman imprisoned at Auschwitz, and
  • two after-death communications, one from a person killed in Auschwitz and another from a soldier during World War I.

Also included are interviews with two New York City policemen who were September 11, 2001 responders. It is hoped the information will provide knowledge of these experiences to those who care for those near death, or dying, or grieving because of catastrophic events, and encourage researchers to further investigate these experiences during disasters.

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after-death communication; catastrophic; deathbed communication; disasters; first responders; near-death experiences; spiritual; transpersonal experiences


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