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Lewis, C S - The Last Battle - Then the Moon came up quite in her wrong position



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In C S Lewis’s book the Last Battle he describes the death of an old system in quite a stunning way.  Basically, the spiritual system is wiped out by the Creator. 

Allegorically this is what happens in computing.  The system team using the method as a guide, systematically wipe out all the old unwanted parts of the old system, transferring any data and saved processes to the new system, as need be.  Just as in computing, in C S Lewis’s book [not repeated here!] a new universe/system is sitting waiting behind/above this one ready to be implemented – a new configuration.

The photo is genuine, it shows a recent [2014] lunar eclipse

A description of the experience

C S Lewis – The Last Battle

Then the Moon came up quite in her wrong position, very close to the Sun and she also looked red…. And at the sight of her the Sun began shooting out great flames, like whiskers or snakes of crimson fire towards her.  It was as if he were an octopus trying to draw her to himself in his tentacles.  And perhaps he did draw her to himself.  At any rate she came to him, slowly at first, but then more and more quickly, till at last his long long flames licked round her and the two ran together and became one huge ball like a burning coal.  Great lumps of fire came dropping out of it into the sea and clouds of steam rose up

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Lewis, C S

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