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Lowry, L S - V E Day 1945



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Lowry appears to have been further traumatised by the War.  The North of England received a very high level of bombing, one which those in the south tend to forget. 

Sheffield and Leeds, for example, as well as Rotherham were almost entirely flattened.  It is difficult for people these days to understand the level of terror this provoked.




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  • It was around 1940 that Lowry changed his style.  From about then his eye floats upwards, to somewhere a good few feet above the ground; roads are pushed through the centre foreground to the middle distance and sometimes beyond, so that now the distance from front to back is measured not only by the horizontal rows of buildings, one behind the other, but by the lines of roads receding and converging.

Lowry was looking heavenward for escape. 



It may be pushing the bounds of speculation to suggest he started to have out of body experiences, but there are plenty of observations on this site that show that war, and the fear it provokes, can do just that, so it is worth a little speculation.


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Lowry, L S

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