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Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre - The Spiritual Power of Matter - Standing amidst the tempest



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Although described in the third person he is the man he is talking about, this is his account of his own out of body experience


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Pere Teilhard de Chardin – The Spiritual Power of Matter

Standing amidst the tempest, the man turned his head, looking for his companion.  And in the same moment, he perceived a strange metamorphosis; the earth was simultaneously vanishing away yet growing in size.  It was vanishing away, for here, immediately beneath him, the meaningless variations in the terrain were diminishing and dissolving; on the other hand it was growing ever greater, for there in the distance the curve of the horizon was climbing ceaselessly higher.  The man saw himself standing in the centre of an immense cup, the rim of which was closing over him .. and in a flash he discovered, everywhere, present around him, the one thing necessary....

The Phenomenon of Man – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

[the universe] behaves to our senses, either as a progressively attenuated environment which vanishes without a limital surface in an infinitely decreasing gradation, or as a curved and closed space within which all the lines of our experience turn back upon themselves, in which case matter only appears boundless to us because we cannot emerge from it.

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Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre

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