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Emerson, Ralph Waldo - Politics - The wise man needs no army



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Ralph Waldo Emerson – Politics

The wise man …. needs no army, fort or navy – he loves men too well; no bribe or feast or palace to draw friends to him; no vantage ground, no favourable circumstances; he needs no library, for he has not done thinking; no church, for he is no prophet; no statute book, for he has the lawgiver; no money, for he is value; no road, for he is at home where he is; no experience, for the life of the Creator shoots through him and looks from his eyes.  He has no personal friends, for he who has the spell to draw the prayer and piety of all men unto him, needs not to husband and educate a few to share with him a select and poetic life.  His relation to men is angelic; his memory is myrrh to them; his presence, frankincense and flowers.

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Emerson, Ralph Waldo

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