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Loneliness and isolation

Category: Events


Involuntary and voluntary

Introduction and description

Isolation from friends, from loved ones and from people has a terrible effect upon all people, however  independent and strong they think they are.  We can be isolated in a huge city where we know no one, we may have been placed in solitary isolation as a punishment, we may have been ostracised by friends or colleagues or become estranged from members of our family.

It attacks the ego because it tells it is unloved, it is unwanted, it is in some way deficient.  It undermines confidence and self esteem, but it can work wonders for spiritual experience, because just when we think we have reached rock bottom along comes the composer and shows us another realm – often one in which we are loved.


Isolation is generally involuntary because it is so hard on the person, it can result in suicide long before the composer has the chance to kick in and help.  But it is a technique that has been used by gurus on their disciples, and in religious institutions.  I have provide an example in the two observations on Tyaga.


Spilliaert - La baigneuse

How it works

It may be helpful to have the Model of the Mind open and to have read the generic description of How spiritual experience works.

This a form of attack upon the personality, , although there may be some additional effects from the extreme  unhappiness provoked by this level of loneliness.  We are a tribal and community based animal, dependent on others for our survival, and lack of input from human beings or other creatures is perceived by the Will as a real threat.  It may also provoke overwhelming fear and terror because there is no one to help us when things go wrong.  Old people alone in their houses, for example, and desperately lonely, feel all these things, fear and unhappiness plus a host of other negative emotions.


These emotions bombard the Will, but it can do nothing about them.  Add to this the effect on the  personality which – also bombarded -  gives up its tight hold on the Will , the Will gives up and the field is clear for the Composer to take over. 

And we get our spiritual experience.

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