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Jane Dunlap - Who should take LSD?



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Exploring Inner Space – Jane Dunlap

An easy question to answer was 'Would you be willing to take the drug again?'

If I might rub an Aladdin's lamp, I would make a wish that all persons who desired to take LSD could do so, and that I might be given it twice a year, although not at regular intervals.

In my opinion, its greatest value can be obtained by taking it at specific times, perhaps best shown by an incident my husband told me about after a recent trip into Mexico.

In a tiny village high in the mountain peaks where Mr Wasson first investigated the magic mushroom, Frank was talking to an Indian girl.

'Have you eaten the mushrooms?' he asked her

'No' she replied

'Do you know persons who have eaten them?'

'Si, si, many of them'

'Are you afraid?  Is that why you haven't eaten them?'

'No.  Por spiritu' she searched for the English words ' they are for persons who are sick in the soul.  My soul is not sick'.

I should like to be given LSD at times when my soul is sick, when I find I am not able to express love as generously as I wish I might, when my creativity is at a low ebb, or when I am dragging my spiritual heels.

The drug used as an aid to psychotherapy, has already been valuable to many persons who were sick in the soul

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Adelle Davis, Daisie

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