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Nietzsche - Thus spake Zarathustra - The Great Noontide



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Thus Spake Zarathustra  - Friedrich Nietzsche  [Translator: Thomas Common]

But why talk I, when no one hath MINE ears! It is still an hour too early for me here.

Mine own forerunner am I among this people, mine own cockcrow in dark lanes.

 But THEIR hour cometh! And there cometh also mine! Hourly do they become smaller, poorer, unfruitfuller,--poor herbs! poor earth!

And SOON shall they stand before me like dry grass and prairie, and verily, weary of themselves--and panting for FIRE, more than for water!

 O blessed hour of the lightning! O mystery before noontide!—Running fires will I one day make of them, and heralds with flaming tongues:--

 --Herald shall they one day with flaming tongues: It cometh, it is nigh, THE GREAT NOONTIDE!


Thus spake Zarathustra.

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Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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