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Beausobre, Iulia de - and the still small voice



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Number of hallucinations: 1


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The Woman who could not die – Iulia de Beausobre

This iciness that grips me is not peace, it is despair.  Peace does not sting either with frost or flame.  Peace may not give clear sight perhaps, but it bestows profoundest insight.

Out of the icy wilderness of utter indifference, out of the shattering, all embracing, chill understanding that wrecks all feeling of security, one flame calls in a limitless dark universe. one flame that still hovers within my iced body, burning bright and straight as the flame of a taper before the Crucifix. Then all in me dies. All except my hearing. And to my hearing there comes a voice:

Out of the confines of eternity I flow to man as light. From man I flow to man as warmth. When the great sun rises in the heart of man, I flow back to the limits of eternity as love. I am the pivot of the human world. I am security. My breath is Peace. Seek in the miracle of warmth flowing from harrowed man to harrowed man. Seek and you will find me.

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Beausobre, Iulia de

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