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Nietzsche - Thus spake Zarathustra - Art thou a new strength and a new authority? A first motion?



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Thus spake Zarathustra - Nietzsche

Art thou a new strength and a new authority? A first motion? A self-rolling wheel? Canst thou also compel stars to revolve around thee?

Alas, there is so much lusting for loftiness! There are so many convulsions of the ambitions! Show me that thou are not a lusting and ambitious one!
Alas, there are so many great thoughts that do nothing more than the bellows; they inflate, and make emptier than ever
Free, dost thou call thyself? Thy ruling thought would I hear of, and not that thou hast escaped from a yoke.
Art thou one entitled to escape from a yoke? Many a one hath cast away his final worth when he hath cast away his servitude.
Free from what? What doth that matter to Zarathustra! Clearly, however, shall thine eye show unto me: free for what?


His step betrayeth whether a person already walketh on his own path; just see me walk!  He, however, who cometh nigh to his goal, dances

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Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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