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Thelmar, E – 12 You needn't be afraid that you are going to have a fiend-child



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

The Maniac – A Realistic Study of Madness from the Maniac’s Point of View – E Thelmar

Meanwhile I ate my tea alone upstairs. As I did so a voice said to me-

 "You needn't be in the least afraid that you are going to have a fiend-child. It is going to be a most beautiful child. Those people made quite a mistake about there being any fiend. This child is Ray Hall's and your spirit-child, and the most beautiful human child that you have ever beheld will not be able to compare with this child, it will be so perfectly beautiful."

This announcement filled me with delight. My mind was completely set at rest, and I thought that after all the terrible vicissitudes that Ray Hall and I had passed through, everything was going to come all right at last.

I was quite safe where I was, and would remain quietly here until Ray Hall fetched me.

After tea Mrs. W. brought me down to the dining-room. I lay on the sofa, and fell into a half-comatose sort of state, Mrs. W's sister came in and said good-bye to me. I roused myself and shook hands with her, and replied to her good-bye, relapsing at once into the same half-comatose state.

Many spirits of the dead----of relations and friends who had died-seemed gradually to be congregating in the room, each one, as he or she arrived, speaking to me and greeting me. I recognised every one (by voice I saw nothing), and greeted them and replied to whatever they were saying. All this went on in "thought-voice" only; I uttered no word aloud.

My "thought- voice" sounded in every respect exactly the same to my sense of hearing as my ordinary, speaking voice.

The source of the experience

Thelmar, E

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