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Copland, Aaron – Choirs and Voices – 01 Four early songs



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"Although most other American expats lived a wild, Bohemian lifestyle while in Europe, Copland was geeky, reserved and a model of propriety. During the three years he lived and studied in Paris he was not sexually involved with anyone. It didn’t help that he liked his men handsome and very young. His first major man crush was with 16-year-old musician Israel Citkowitz; Copland was 26, and his feelings were not reciprocated. Next up was 19-year-old Paul Bowles, another musician; Copland was 29, and the result was the same.

A description of the experience

One of the things known about those who ‘hear’ music, is that it is frequently heard as either flutes, violins or as voices – the angel’s choir.  There is every reason to believe that Copland was a hearer of celestial music, he had in his early days, before the commercial interests of the film industry took over, a preference for writing for voices and choirs.  But if one is in a state of angst, depression and lonely, what one hears is discord

Before 1920

  • Night for voice (1918)
  • A Summer Vacation for voice (1918)
  • My Heart is in the East for voice (1918)
  • My Head is in the West for voice (1919)


  • Old Poem for voice (1920)
  • Pastorale for voice (1921)
  • Four Motets for mixed voices (1921)
  • Alone for voice (1922)
  • As It Fell Upon a Day for voice, flute, and clarinet (1923)
  • Two Choruses ("The House on the Hill," "An Immortality") for chorus (1925)
  • Poet's Song for voice and piano (1927)
  • Vocalise No.1 for voice (1928)



  • The Second Hurricane; high school opera (1937)
  • Into the Streets May First for chorus (1934)
  • What Do We Plant? for chorus (1935)
  • Lark for chorus (1938)


  • Las Agachadas for chorus (1942)
  • In the Beginning for mezzo-soprano and chorus (1947)


  • Old American Songs No.1 for voice and piano (1950)
  • Old American Songs No.2 for voice and piano (1952)
  • The Little Horses for voice and piano (1952)
  • Dirge in the Woods for voice and piano (1954)
  • The Tender Land; opera (1954)
  • Canticle of Freedom for chorus and orchestra (1955)


Barbara Bonney: The complete "4 early songs" (Copland)

4 early songs (1918-22):

I. Night 00:00

II. A summer vacation 03:26

III. My heart is in the East 05:38

IV. Alone 07:57

Copland, Aaron (1900-90) -composer Barbara Bonney -soprano Malcolm Martineau -piano


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Copland, Aaron

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