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Wordsworth, William - Mid the dark steeps repose the shadowy streams



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The Major Works – William Wordsworth

Mid the dark steeps repose the shadowy streams,
As touched with dawning moonlight’s hoary gleams,
Long streaks of fairy light the wave illume
With bordering lines of intervening gloom,
Soft o’er the surface creep the lustres pale
Tracking with silvering path the changeful gale,
-          Tis restless magic all; at once the bright
Breaks on the shade, the shade upon the light
Fair spirits are abroad; in sportive chase
Brushing with lucid wands the water’s face
While music stealing round the glimmering deeps
Charms the tall circle of th’enchanted steeps
As thro’ the astonished woods the notes ascend
The mountain streams their rising song suspend
The pomp is fled, and mute the wondrous strains,
No wrack of all the pageant scene remains
So vanish those fair shadows, human Joys
But death alone their vain regret destroys
Stay pensive, sadly pleasing visions stay!
Ah no! as fades the vale, they fade away
Yet still the tender, vacant gloom remains
Still the cold cheek its shuddering tear retains

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Wordsworth, William

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