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Moitessier, Bernard - Tamata and the Alliance - Mana



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The people who knew he was coming used different activities to communicate with him, but Bernard's mind was open to communication va the activities I have shown

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Bernard Moitessier – Tamata and the Alliance

My body was busy here, my mind far away, my head filled with stars.  At Ein Kerem, Philip used to tell me that thought resembled matter …...... weighing practically nothing, but matter nonetheless,  …  born of common origin...  When we returned to Pora Pora 2 days later … we saw Tepaku and Raumati waiting for us under the old Kaaia near the compost pile.  They  knew where we had come from. Mana had told them.  The Paumotu mana refers to something which under certain conditions can transmit thoughts …. [but] since thought was 'matter' … and I believe made up of the same elements as a stone you can throw on purpose or not, nothing prevented it from skipping on the lagoon or flying through the sky to another shore if it felt like it

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Moitessier, Bernard

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