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Tyaga the Road of Fire - 04



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Tyaga is one of the few techniques on this website that includes or needs the intervention of a Guru  for the simple reason that this technique could only have been devised and executed by a guru.  It is thus of double interest because it shows how gurus help their disciples and also something of the role of a guru on the spiritual path.

A guru act like a personal trainer, devising a specific series of steps, exercises and 'events' suited to the capabilities, evolution and character of the person concerned.  For this reason there is no real 'method' that a guru follows, every method is different, - tailor made - however, I think it helps to show how a guru can ‘help’, thus in order to do so I have used an example programme that was devised for a lady called Irina Tweedie  . 

In order to see the progression you use Irina Tweedie as the source and then follow the observations in order and chart her progress.

Irina Tweedie’s master was Bhai Sahib.  I have also included a description of him

Again, in the following observation it may help to know that any form of anal retraction , sexual organ retraction [pelvic floor hold]or abdomen retraction, coupled with overwhelming unsatisfied sexual desire,  has its own effects on the nervous system and can provoke a kundalini experience if you are not careful, Irina did not know this...........

A description of the experience

The Chasm of Fire – Irina Tweedie

I lie for hours trying to control the mind not to run away with imaginings; controlling the body, pulling in the muscles of the lower abdomen to bring some relief.   Burning currents of fire inside; cold shivers running outside, along the spine, wave after wave, over legs, arms, abdomen, making all the hair rise.  It is as if the whole frame were full of electricity.  Gradually all the muscles of the thighs and the stomach begin to ache with tension, but this pain gradually increasing through prolonged effort somehow helps to relieve the desire.

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Tweedie, Irina

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