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Thelmar, E – 03 Going on the top of a bus and hearing the voice talking to her all the time



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The Maniac – A Realistic Study of Madness from the Maniac’s Point of View – E Thelmar

About four o'clock in the morning I was suddenly woken up by feeling that same indescribable sensation (a sort of electric shock) in my "spirit " or “top layer," high up above me.

Immediately afterwards "Ray Hall's" voice announced- “Are you awake? I am coming."

I said: "You are not coming, you have come! I feel you here now."

"No," he said, "I can't have come; I have not felt anything."

"Ah!" I said," it is your spirit again, only, and you are still unconscious in it; you will have to send your soul instead, as you did before."

Again, the same second, totally different sensation occurred. I stayed awake for some time, conversing with Ray Hall, who remained there the whole time, "in his soul" (which was tangible but not visible to me).

Then I fell asleep again, and got up in the morning as usual. It was Monday, and I remembered I had to go to office. I went on the top of a bus; and Ray Hall talked to me the whole time, and I answered him. But, as he had explained to me (and I had found by experience), that thought produced a loud voice that was heard by him and by none of the people around me, I attracted no attention, as I did not utter a word aloud, but merely thought whatever I wanted to say.

The voice produced by my thought sounded to my ears as loud, and in every respect the same, as my ordinary speaking voice, I sat and did absolutely nothing at the office except draw patterns on my blotting - paper. Luckily, there happened to be very little requiring to be done.

The voice talked to me occasionally.

The Medium glanced up suddenly and looked at me in a most curious way when I was being spoken to once by the voice, and I wondered whether, perhaps, she had heard what was said to me. I saw none of the others in the room heard a thing.

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Thelmar, E

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