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Exposure to LF domestic magnetic fields

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Introduction and description

Domestic equipment produces a background magnetic field and this field is capable of giving us hallucinations, visions and affecting our health.

The field works by resonating us, in effect inducing an electric current in us which then resonates our organs. The non fatty tissues in our body are mostly water and this is particularly effective at supporting the current.  The organs affected depend on the frequency of the field, but low frequency fields have a particularly good record of resonating the organs in the brain and thus inducing spiritual experiences.

On the whole, high intensity resonance produces significant health problems, low intensity resonance only produces such problems in the long term.

As the size of organs differs between people, one person may be affected whereas someone else isn’t. Thus you may get a child severely affected and all the adults in the house experience nothing.

 Types of equipment

In houses connected to the electricity mains, the typical background level of the magnetic field from the power supply is between 0.02 and 0.04 microtesla. These exposures are normally superimposed by magnetic fields from electrical appliances inside the building. Exposure can be significantly higher in the immediate vicinity of appliances that produce strong magnetic fields:

  •  High consumption appliances that generate heat, e.g. cookers, boilers, hairdryers, clothes irons
  •  Appliances with magnetic coils or transformers, e.g. TV sets, low-voltage halogen lamps, clock radios
  •  Appliances equipped with an electric motor, e.g. drills, food mixers, vacuum cleaners.

As a rule, our exposure to magnetic fields from appliances like those cited above is only short term because they are not in permanent use. However, the situation is different when it comes to appliances that are in use all the time, e.g. clock radios.

 The other sorts of appliances that can affect us include:

  • Domestic installations - , i.e. fixed distribution and fuse boxes/panels, electricity cables, mains sockets, as well as extension cables
  •  Screens - Cathode ray monitors for computers and TV sets generate different types of fields and radiation: electrostatic fields, low frequency electric and magnetic fields, high-frequency non-ionising radiation and weak X-rays , flat screens also generate low-frequency electric and magnetic fields

Although magnetic fields are generally generated by electrical equipment, you can get some odd effects from metal domestic equipment.

Electric fans can generate magnetic fields. Plumbing can generate magnetic fields.


In addition to the hallucinations and visions one may get from this field, it can also cause other psychological effects: 

  • changes in behaviour - positive [passivity, kindliness, benevolent feelings] - and negative [aggression, rage]
  •  changes in learning capacity - improved [inspiration, motivation, drive, improvements in memory , creativity] or depressed [lack of concentration, ADHD, cretinism etc]
  •  hyperactivity - [ADHD etc] or asthenia [sleepiness, tiredness, chronic fatigue]
  •  impacts on the hormone system - - sluggish hormonal system [Hypothyroidism] or over activity of hormone system [Hyperthyroidism]
  •  sleep disorders - inability to sleep [insomnia] inability to stay awake [narcolepsy]
  •  changes in mood - depressive states [melancholy, depression] and states of happiness [elation, bliss, pleasure, joy or euphoria].

Given the number of regulatory organs in our bodies we can see that as each of these has a function, any form of over stimulation is going to have its effects - stimulation of the amygdalas for example will affect emotions.  

Many of the effects are determined by the intensity of the field and intensity increases the closer you get to the source. At high intensity damage can occur of a permanent nature to cells and organs. I have provided some observations which explain this

How it works

Stimulation via resonance

Resonance could be high or low intensity. In effect any increase in the background magnetic radiation will induce a change to the electrical current of the neurons. So, domestic equipment produces background magnetic fields which induce changes in the electric current in our neurons.

In some senses the electrical systems of the brain [or of the body for that matter] are being stimulated by remote magnetic fields to produce a sort of ‘false signal’ along the nerve cell of varying frequency depending on the radiation.

Magnetic fields occur as soon as an appliance is connected to the power supply via a cable and plug. As soon as it is switched on, current begins to flow, and this gives rise to a magnetic field in addition to the already existing electric field. The field created is equal to the frequency of the power supply, hence for example, if the power supply is operated with alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, the magnetic field will be 50 Hz.

But the stimulation as we can see will be somewhat arbitrary with domestic equipment, as such whether you get a spiritual experience or not will depend a lot on where your head is in relation to the equipment.

Again it is worth emphasising that even low intensity low frequency stimulation can in the long term lead to cell death, so if you find that you are getting experiences of this kind, you should immediately take yourself away from any long term exposure to the equipment as you could suffer brain damage of a permanent sort.

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