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Hallucinations from a clock radio



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Health hazards and electromagnetic fields - T. Saunders [from Complementray Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery Elsevier publishing 2003 9]

Dr. Persinger, who runs the Neuroscience Research Group at the Laurentian University, Sudbury Ontario, Canada, ………. cites the case of a parent who was deeply concerned about her daughter’s nightly terrifying experiences of horrific supernatural visitations and haunting spirit entities. Persinger was convinced her hallucinations were caused by fluctuating electromagnetic fields that may have emanated from an underground fault line or overhead high tension pylons. However, he identified the source to be an unusual magnetic frequency pattern emanating from the clock radio next to the girl’s bed. When the clock was removed from the room, the hallucinations ceased. It would seem that certain electromagnetic and geomagnetic activity can interact with temporal lobes to the point where the incidence of seizures and convulsions are increased.


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