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Ceiling fan causing hallucinations



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 Tisha Mac:  Okay, so, sometimes I hear things right before going to sleep. It's not that I'm already asleep, I'm completely awake. Sometimes it happens throughout the day, but usually when I'm trying to go to sleep. It keeps me from being able to sleep from a long time. No drugs, or anything. It sounds like someone screaming mostly. But I also hear dogs barking or doors slamming. Always really loud. When they start it is so loud and startling that it causes me to jump. I know that they are not real noises when they are happening since they seem to be coming straight from my head. Like, I hear the noise originate in my head, if that makes sense. I also hear a high pitch whine in my head all the time, never stops. I often think people are talking when they haven't said anything. It's so quiet that I can't make out words when that happens, just a whisper of a noise. I dunno if anyone else deals with this, but if you know what it is, that would be helpful

Reply CD;  Sometimes when I'm wide awake, if I'm just sort of sitting quietly or meditating or laying in bed and no one is around I'll sort of notice sounds I don't really hear when I'm watching tv or too busy to notice, like from ceiling fans or next door neighbours using water or watching tv (apartment.)

For example a particular ceiling fan in my old house, if you had it on highest setting, the sound from the air resonating off the fans blades made this kind of whining noise that almost sounded like someone screaming or yelling.

The noise freaked me out big time at first, but then I figured it went away if you just turned the fan down or off.

Long story short, is it possible there are household appliances making the noises? Thats what happened with me anyway.

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