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DPT - The Mind Is A Powerful Thing - Atman



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Erowid experience vaults - The Mind Is A Powerful Thing, DPT, by Atman

This material is a strong ego-destroyer...I felt my mundane self slip away in shreds and tatters, as I accelerated into a trance-state in which I was only aware of my body as a mass of prickling and flowing energy, w/ the spiky, baroque character that is a hallmark of the tryptamines for me.

As 'I' regained some sort of equilibrium, I found a 'thread'. I don't know quite how else to describe this, but it is something that is not uncommon for me, even in deep meditation...it's like something is pulling me, from a specific direction outside of me. this one began below and to the left, in relationship to my prone form.

I began reeling in this thread, following it to where it led. it spiralled and twisted back on itself, and eventually it seemed that I had lost it..but I was wrong. It lead me to a space full of the most fantastic Beasts I had ever seen, like gigantic faberge slugs w/ tentacles riding the crest of a dyed-agate sea w/ gorgeous non-euclidean cliffs of sparkling jewels.

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