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I Woke Up In the ER DPT by M



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Out of body
Out of time

Number of hallucinations: 1


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I Woke Up In the ER


by M

Citation:   M. "I Woke Up In the ER: An Experience with DPT (ID 8303)". Erowid.org. Feb 15, 2002. erowid.org/exp/8303

DOSE: 50 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)



I am well experienced with acid and many other things, but nothing could have prepared me for DPT. There was 5 of us over S's house. We tripped in pairs. So if anything went wrong there were at least 3 sober people to help. A and Armurr tried it first and everything went smoothly. They really seemed to enjoy it. So then we got the next two doses ready. I snorted mine first and then S snorted his. We went to a very comfortable room and sat on the couch.

Not even 5 min. after I had snorted the line I was already getting visuals. I sat and stared at the patterns floating in the air and watched the tracers of A swaying back and fourth playing video games. I heard S mention that the feeling in his nose was making him sick. Then, reality started to slip away and I became part of the patterns. I could feel the pattern that I was fitting into. There were no longer arms or legs, but rather wavy lines and shapes that became part of the hallucination and I could feel it. I could feel every twist and turn that the colors flowed into because I became part of it all. I knew that I was loosing hold of reality.

I asked Armurr to talk some sense into me. As he walked over to me I was snapping my fingers as to make him come quicker and time seemed to wind down to a stop. I thought 'Here it comes!'. That is the point where I left this world. The next thing I remember was staring at Armurr and holding his hand. It seemed that his hand was the only grip on reality that I had. He told me 'You can bounce things off of me, and I can bounce things off of you' I thought he meant bounce the patterns back and fourth, but he meant conversation. So I passed patterns between us.

The hallucinations quickly became the only thing I could see. The next thing I heard was him asking 'Is it self evaluation?' I said yes and it echoed on and on. When I heard it I realized I didn't mean to say yes because it wasn't a normal bad trip. I had quite a bit of difficulty speaking. So, to let him know that it wasn't self evaluation I said 'I'm happy' meaning I'm happy with who I am. I got lost for a moment. Then, I heard Armurr's voice 'Do you see....' I couldn't hear what he asked if I could see but I said yes anyhow. Then I saw Armurr's eye floating in all the madness. He asked me if I could see a yellow cup on the table and some other things. Each time I began to see what he was referring to it felt like time was a record being started again. It became easier and easier to speak. Then, he asked if I saw A and I couldn't.

That's when a dark pattern surrounded me. I couldn't breath. The darkness packed in tighter and tighter until I couldn't move anymore. I felt like I was frozen in time. Thats when I thought I was dead. Not until I was inside the ambulance, saw my shoes, and heard the paramedics ask if this drug can make you skitzo did I realize I was alive. When this reality hit me I panicked. I'm not sure why, but I did. I tried to get out of the stretcher and I remember them forcing me down and telling me that they are going to help me. They put an oxygen mask on me and asked me which hospital I wanted to go to. I told them and I think I passed out.

When I woke up I had an IV in my arm and was in the ER. The doctor said that I was very close to having a heart attack. My pulse was at 155. I am still in the hospital now and I am having very strange flashbacks. They won't tell me much about my condition and I don't know when I am going to go home. They think there may be something wrong with my heart and kidneys. They are sending in a specialist for me.


I wrote this in the hospital 4 days after the event. I was in there for a total of 5 days. One day was spent in the ER, one day in ICU, and then I was moved to a regular room for the rest of my stay. It is now 6 days since the event. I am ok now, but my thoughts are still a little scattered. I have to go back to the hospital and get some tests done on my blood. I may have permanent heart and/or kidney damage. I'm sure this won't happen to everyone, but I was a perfectly healthy 20 year old in a very good mindset and it still happened to me. Be careful.

Exp Year: 2001 ExpID: 8303
Gender: Male  
Age at time of experience: Not Given  
Published: Feb 15, 2002 Views: 17,688

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