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Nuages Gris - Felt so weird he wasn't sure he was breathing



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Extract from ‘Psychoreal’ (Through the Eye of a Needle) - DPT & Cannabis - by Nuages Gris source EROWID vaults

[He over dosed]

I spent the majority of the trip phasing through various ontologies, a million modes of being. Everything I saw was moving and distorting in appallingly fantastic ways, but I could not concentrate on this, I was just feeling TOO FUCKING WEIRD and not able to deal with it. I felt so weird I wasn't sure if I was breathing or not.

When I did cling to organic artifacts like breath, the rhythm and mechanism seemed freakishly warped. I was restless all the time. I came to the brink of a freakout dozens of times. Sometimes tactile sensations mingled with the synesthetic stew and my face would melt off into my pillow. Sometimes I would attempt to freeze time and solidify the kinetic visions into tranquil eternal states. This worked for a while.

There was even a God moment, where a riot of angels surged down from a foamy waterfall and informed me their visage was being beamed into my mind straight from heaven. I was staring at the God of my youth, the elusive paradise of my dreams. Somehow my Catholic upbringing was now feeding into the trip, and the notion of all that crazy christian crap ending up as the final reality weirded me out more than anything yet – another light I declined to face. Every angel is terrible.

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