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DPT IM... or Was it IV? DPT by Dirk



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 1


Of particular note in this observation is that the inter-reaction of antihistamines which are powerful drugs in their own right and DPT was not even noted in the report.

This is not unusual - that many believe that because a drug is prescribed or OTC it must be somehow 'safe'.

A description of the experience

DPT IM... or Was it IV?


by Dirk

Citation:   Dirk. "DPT IM... or Was it IV?: An Experience with DPT (ID 8097)". Erowid.org. Feb 10, 2002. erowid.org/exp/8097

DOSE: 100 mg IM DPT (liquid)

My friend Kaen and I recently acquired some DPT, with the plan of doing 100mg IM each as an experiment in human existence. As it turned out neither of our experiences were fun, although we definitely succeeded on the 'experiment in being us' level. Being the more experienced psychonaut, we decided that I'd go first, with Kaen sitting for me and keeping notes on what transpired. We made a solution out of the 100mg DPT HCL (as a note to others, it requires roughly .2ml of warm water for every 10mg of DPT to dissolve), roughly 2mL of solution split amongst two needles, and began.

As a forward to the following sitter (and my) report, it's important to point out that I hit a blood vessel in both shoulders, during injection. I'm a highly experienced Ketamine IM user, and although I do this all the time with said drug, at the most all it would do is keep me in the K-Hole a little longer. Since it wasn't unusual, I didn't think about the possibility that the DPT would react much differently if it got in my blood stream (despite the things I'd read from Shulgin about IV injection of DPT). Now, given my experimentation with DPT following this one, I've determined that my response to this first trip was extremely above and beyond how I should have responded to 100mg IM, and therefor both Kaen and I believe that I actually got a decent amount of the DPT into my bloodstream. So, although this was supposed to be an IM dose, we both feel that I inadvertently gave myself an IV dose.

Here are the two reports of the experiment, beginning with Kaen's notes:

Kaen's Sitter Report:

Dirk hasn't eaten in 9 hours. Took 60mg Allegra (allergy meds) 2 hours prior to experience in response to usual morning post-nasal drip. No other drugs in system. Mood is anxious but positive.

10:35AM to 10:38 - Dirk injects both needles, noting that he hit a blood vessel in each arm.

10:40 - Body load is already kicking in, as if LSD. Everything is getting 'streaky and bubbly.'

10:41 - Shuddering and minor muscle convulsions, nausea is noted. 'Like shroom visuals...insane how fast it hit.' Dirk begins groaning. 'Can't describe visuals.'

10:45 - Dry heaving, followed by vomiting of yellow bile. 'I don't suggest doing this.' Severe tremors in body. 'Bad, bad, this is really bad.' Distinct heavy breathing/groaning.

10:50 - Dirk's stomach empty. . 'Oh, my God, this is so, so awful.' More dry-heaving. Dirk requests that I 'keep him alive'. 'I don't like this!', 'Everything hurts!', 'Too much, too much, too much'. Dirk is near crying at this point. More dry-heaving. Dirk is braced against sink and bathtub, leaning over toilet. 'Bright-shaped colors' is the response I get to 'what does it look like'. Kaen reassures Dirk that Dirk will not die because Kaen is an EMT. Post-note: Afterward, Dirk told me (Kaen) that what I said and my demeanor made no difference whatsoever, only that my talking could take his mind off the experience ever-so-slightly for a short period of time.

11:01 - Dirk continually requests to know 'how much longer' for this stage to be over (20 minutes in so far). Dirk has come to Jesus at this point, apologizing for 'everything [he's] ever done'. 'I wouldn't wish this upon anyone', 'This is so, so bad'.

11:05 - Dirk has begun a form of K-babble, reasoning out completely illogical things. Vomiting appears to have stopped. Still bargaining with God to make it stop. The word 'alcohol' comes out with no other comprehendible words with it. 'I don't know, I don't know, I don't know'. Crying now. 'Rancheros.' (?)

11:08 - Dirk is edgy and agitated now, moving around quite a bit, likely in a vain attempt to escape his body. Kaen notes perspiration through Dirk's shirt. 'Sensory overload.', 'Never again', 'All signs point to bad'.

11:18 - Dirk back in bed, curled into the fetal position. Eyes don't seem to focus on anything. Severe hallucinations. 'More zoom-zoom-zoom.', 'Zoom-zoom-zoom?'. Dirk begins asking inane questions, such as 'What just stinks on this landing map?', and often answers himself with the same phrasing, but in a more statement-like tone. 'It all just leads to pesticide.', 'It's the beer I will never hunger for.' Dirk repeats his questions anywhere from seven to ten times before letting that thought go, but quickly changes to another equally nonsensical question, normally answering himself with another non-related subject; for instance, 'Is confusing good? Water.'

11:28 - Dirk asks, 'Can anyone forgive me after this?' Some minor vomiting. Dirk continues asking the same question multiple times.

11:34 - Moved to living room where the air conditioner is. Dirk sweating profusely. Kaen brings out a metal bowl into which Dirk can vomit if need be; Dirk still notes nausea.

11:45 - Dirk is lying on the couch. Seems in better spirits now, chuckling over the bizarre things he's babbling, still slipping in and out of inanity. 'Is confusing good?' He keeps saying/asking 'Bio?', interpreted as if he should be hooked to a respirator and heart monitor; Kaen replies, 'No.' Post-note: The respirator question had to do with Dirk wanting Kaen to check his pulse and breathing, but Dirk could not form the question to make Kaen understand what he wanted in that state of mind.

11:56 - 'Still too much introverted, need to extrovert.' Repeated several times.

12:15 - Coming down quickly. Dirk says, 'It's better than X, K, or acid.' Suggests lower dosage for future attempts. 'Couldn't do this to [insert mutual sworn enemy here].'

12:25 - Much closer to baseline. Dirk can reason and talk coherently now. Notes visuals are lessening quickly, but still there.

Post-Note: I believe this experience to be highly non-typical. The fact that Dirk hit both blood vessels in his administration of the DPT dose likely contributed to the strength of the experience. My subsequent DPT experience (the next morning) was nowhere near that insane and I did not hit any blood vessels. Based on other experience reports, I would estimate Dirk got somewhere between 25-30mg DPT directly into his bloodstream, in addition to the 70-75mg intramuscular.


Dirk's Report:

For any sane(?) dose, it's all body load and minor visuals, nothing mental (maybe minor, but not really noticeable). Despite the visuals and acid-like body load, I think of it more as speed than acid (in that it's a mechanical thing, not a mental thing). Unfortunately, the visuals and load go up with each other, and nausea is prominent right away (your stomach feels like it's being pushed up your throat). The visuals are so much more intense than any amount of acid you could do, but looks more like shroom visuals except it just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Another thing to note is that in further experiments, I have found that other drugs, although they do take effect, are totally overwhelmed by even a low dose of DPT. For instance, I did 50mg of DPT and about an hour later drank enough alcohol to be reasonably drunk, but beyond the impulse to talk to everyone and booze-happiness I felt nothing (no slurred speech, stumbling, and the body load was still all DPT).

As for my experience, although I can (unfortunately) remember the whole thing, I can't fully explain it because it was such a non-normal operating state for a human being. Even though I am incapable of fully explaining it in the English language (or any other, I bet), I can replay it in my mind just like any other memory. Basically, the visuals and body load just kept going up, and up, and up, and didn't stop until my brain actually stopped accepting input from my eyes, I started throwing up, and my brain's ability to function was reduced to it's basic operating system.

The best way to explain what happened is to think of the human body/brain as a machine running on a kind of binary code. If you're hot it's a 1, and a 0 if you're not hot; If you're cold it's a 1 for that switch, 0 if not; If you're seeing a single red point of light it's a 1 there, etc. Even how your brain processes basic thoughts/thought patterns, including speech, is the same way; If you want to say 'I am hungry' it's a 1 rather than a 0, but it's also a 1 if you want to say 'I'm not hungry'. Now, to take it a step further, similar switches are grouped together, and when any part of you makes a decision to do something, the entire 'switch group' is accessed first, and then the correct switch is located and turned on. For instance, you step from a cold room to a hot one; As you are moving, the switch group for 'different levels of being cold' is accessed, and whichever particular switch was active is set back to 0. Then, the group for 'different levels of being hot' is accessed, and the correct switch is turned to 1. If you're processing what you want to say, such as 'would you like to go to the store with me?', you're accessing thousands, if not millions, of switches that involve variations of that sentence, including switch banks for the opposites of that and similar statements.

Now with that in mind, imagine turning on every switch, or at least the dominant ones of every category, to 1 simultaneously. This isn't just sensory overload, this is saturation on every level of one's being...and it's what I experienced for about an hour real-time, coming up to the absolute peak of it (absolutely everything on) quickly then gradually turning switches off until I was eventually back to baseline with only the correct switches active. When it first kicked in at full-blast, my brain stopped accepting input from all of my sensory systems because it couldn't handle it all, and could barely keep my intellectual functions running.

All I was capable of saying was 'this is so, so, so bad' and 'too much', and the occasional single word (which in my brain, due to all the switches being turned on, was the blurting out of a single word or words that best described the literally millions of thoughts that were active in response to me trying to say something). I was incapable of saying anything meaningful in a sentence form, as I'd be overwhelmed by millions of thoughts simultaneously whenever I tried to think. As stated in Kaen's sitter report, anything I tried to say beyond a word or two just got progressively more jumbled up.

When I finally started coming down I slowly (by my standards...time didn't actually apply in the overload state, I pretty much didn't start recognizing it's passage until I was almost out of the whole thing) was able to ignore some of the extraneous switches my brain/body kept trying to access, and at least could start to occasionally make out images (completely messed up, like a broken monitor playing colorful white noise and gaussian blurs, with only the occasional glimpse of reality), say the occasional sentence or word that sort of made sense, etc. The ride down was gradual, and as the drug wore off the switches became less apparent to me and returned to their usual 'behind the scenes' status.

During the experience I also went through my usual 'over indulgence' programming loop of asking if/thinking I'm going to die, accepting Jesus in the hopes that he would stop the whole thing, and apologizing to everyone and everything. I think it actually made things worse as it, being pretty hard-coded into my metaprogramming by now, was auto-run and I was forced to watch/experience the whole 'switch' routine first-hand when I could have instead, maybe, just have been totally shut-down and in observation mode for the duration. Since most of the things I said that were understandable by Kaen related to this metaprogram, where-as the things I'd try to say otherwise got scrambled, it furthers my theory that this was just a 'you took too much of a substance and are puking, run the 'oh God I'm going to die' routine' program I've got hard-coded into me.

To wrap this up, I learned way more about how my body works than anyone should ever have to, no matter how interesting it may be. I still feel traumatized by it (I had trouble sleeping the night after the trip because I feared I'd have a dream about it, and sure enough, the next morning I had a dream in which the DPT suddenly started working, as if I was having a flashback), and my brain seems to be running a little differently than it used to although I couldn't say how.


To finalize all this, I insist that anyone experimenting with this substance have a sitter handy until you're comfortable with your doses, no matter how hard-headed and experienced you think you may be. Although this definitely wasn't a 'good trip', it wasn't a 'bad trip' either, and it was most definitely an enlightening experience. It was, however, quite traumatizing - although you'll learn a lot about yourself, I still don't suggest anyone repeat what I went through.

Exp Year: 2001 ExpID: 8097
Gender: Male  
Age at time of experience: Not Given  
Published: Feb 10, 2002 Views: 23,779

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