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Intravascular Terror DPT (IV) by Funkee



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Number of hallucinations: 1


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Intravascular Terror


by Funkee

Citation:   Funkee. "Intravascular Terror: An Experience with DPT (IV) (ID 47513)". Erowid.org. Nov 13, 2005. erowid.org/exp/47513


DOSE: 55 mg IV DPT



HORROR. No other word I can describe it with. I prepared 55mg unfiltered of the yucky pink stuff. Bam.

00:00:05 Here it comes

00:00:10 This is going to be intense I'm telling myself

00:00:15 I run to the bathroom to clean myself up while I still can.

00:00:20 I walk out and I'm on the floor, breathing very heavily. This was a BAD idea. I can't move, I pray that it doesn't get any worse than this.

00:00:30 And it does. This is getting so intense I pray for it to stop. I'm afraid I did something wrong, and I can't look over to my arm to see if I'm still bleeding. I can feel the blood rushing through my body with this chilly stabbing sense to it. I'm afraid I may have a stroke if I had done too much too quickly. I pray for this to be the end. But it isn't.

00:01:00 I crawl to the couch, and try to wipe the blood off. It hurts terribly, my arm is swelling, it can't be good.

00:05:00 This is so bad. I pray that I would just die. I ponder whether this is how I will die, in general do people die like this? It was horrifying. I didn't want to die, but if it was the only way to stop this I wanted to. I screamed every few seconds, HELP. Hoping someone would come and kill me. I was alone in the house and would be for hours. I knew by the time someone would get here I'd be back to baseline, so I had to manage this on my own. I closed my eyes, and it helped a bit. I looked out the window. The visuals were ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous, and it was all going so fast.

00:15:00 I tried to get a sip of water, try not to throw up knowing that if I do I could so easily choke on it and die.

00:30:00 I drag my body, rushing through with horrifying pain, cutting me apart from the inside out. I got my phone and dialed whoever I could reach. I began talking and asked them to stay on the phone for as long as they could. It helped greatly. I stared out the window, and focused on the visuals to distract my mind. The euphoria is out of this world. I was so mentally destroyed I could not reach into my pocket. If I tried to move my arm, my leg would jerk. I was cold, and shaking terribly. My mouth was dry and I desperately wanted a drink but could not get it.

01:00:00 Declining a bit, but still unimaginably intense, I thought this would be the end of me. I prayed someone would come. I talked to people and told them my story. I told them how intense it was, what kind of mistake I made and that I told no one to ever do this, and not let me push this drug on anyone else.

01:30:00 I can just about walk now. I can finally appreciate the massive visuals and not as distracted by the body load. They're marvelous, ridiculous patterns, everything flowing, spinning, exploding, colors, blood. The house in the window across from me gained wings and became a giant flying pig. The trees moved extremely quickly, I could taste the dpt, that awful taste. My arm hurt very badly, but the swelling came down. I cleaned up the gear and got myself together.

02:00:00 Visuals are still amazing. I'm definately coming down now. I'm still shaking, breathing is hard. The rushing toxic flow of my blood is still there and it makes me feel odd. The shivers and cold feelings subsided just enough. I took a look out the window, everything was still flying and moving. I still have that lingering smell and taste on my hands and mouth. My eyes hurt, and a light headache.

In regards to my conversations I swore to people that I would never do drugs again. It was the worst experience in my life, but no matter to its intensity it wasn't what I'd call a bad trip. I wanted it to end, but it was an experience and a lesson. I could never wish anything of this sort on anyone else. NEVER IV dpt. I have yet to try IMing it, and I may give it some time. I was floored with this stuff, literally. On the floor, semi-unconcious yelling for someone to come whenever I could get my mind to focus for long enough. DPT is a beast. Let no one try to convince you otherwise. It's cold, dark, and as mean as they get. Never do the mistake I made or you will pay dearly. Thank you.

Added Notes:

I've pretty much blacked out that whole experience. The syringe was full so I couldn't draw any blood into it, probably one reason why it was so intense. 55mg was dissolved in 50cc of water.

After 3 or 4 seconds I completely forgot that I had just done this. Then I remember I just did DPT, and then I'm like oh fuck, why.

I recall looking at my arm, it was morphing out of control, a little blood spot repeated itself everywhere on my arm. The carpet had spirals in it that were leaping out. Then I didn't know what to expect, so that's why it may have been so intense. Through the few seconds where I could think, I was relatively sober. I gave directions to where I was, and spoke relatively clearly, but I was in gut wrenching pain.

There's this chilly feeling in my blood that had the taste of DPT and every time it went up my neck, it made me shudder. I felt extremely toxic, and it felt like blood poisoning of some sort. The first 15 minutes were just unbearable and I tried not to do anything stupid, but all in all I consider myself lucky.

Exp Year: 2004 ExpID: 47513
Gender: Male  
Age at time of experience: Not Given  
Published: Nov 13, 2005 Views: 16,753

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