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One Man's Shamanic Initiation DPT by InstantEnlightenment



Type of Spiritual Experience

Out of body

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

One Man's Shamanic Initiation


by InstantEnlightenment

Citation:   InstantEnlightenment. "One Man's Shamanic Initiation: An Experience with DPT (ID 25214)". Erowid.org. Aug 8, 2005. erowid.org/exp/25214

DOSE: 1 line insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)

The following is an account of my first use of alchemical monatomic gold in concert with a legal dipropyltryptamine (DPT) shamanic snuff. I had used DPT a handful of times, but never really explored it with these rather cutting-edge subtle energy technologies. What follows is stranger than fiction.


I snorted a fat line of DPT. I dropped a number of drops of monatomic gold under my tongue, letting it sit for a while to absorb its high subtle energy frequencies. I'm sure you can read about DPT and dosing in other reports. The remainder of this report begins with onset of the fabled Shulgin ++++:

My physical body is in an anesthetized state. A lump of inert flesh, something I’d see in the frozen food section of the local supermarket, not my own body. I can feel the energy field surrounding my body “plugging in” to information, as if I am embedded in a sea of information. The difference between the information of my mind and this larger mind seems an academic distinction now. My brain is being scanned first from left to right, then back to forword.

I see a flashing dot of light in my upper visual field. “I” am sucked up through this dot, which turns out to be a passageway or tunnel. Dimensional Confusion in the EXTREME. I am somewhere, something is happening to me, but what? An alien display lies before my closed eyes. Intelligent entities walk in front of me and want to show me something, what?

DISCOVERY: This “alien display” before me is not a “display” in the sense of a television program I view with my physical eyes. It is a landscape! My God! Instead of looking with my physical eyes, I can actually turn my “awareness” without turning my physical head. Lo! “I” am concurrently in two different planes of awareness. That my mind has separated from my body is manifestly obvious to me. What am I doing here? Where is here? And how is it that I can see, with what eyes? I recall a simple piece of esoteric knowledge: The pineal gland (colloquially referred to as the ‘third eye’) can see and navigate in higher dimensions. Descartes said the pineal body was the seat of the soul, I know why now, that is, I know through direct experiential confirmation.

Experiential understanding. For the next few hours, I am a child again! I have rediscovered the nubile joy of exploration of a new body and a new dimension. Wonder. Pure astonishment. It’s mouth-gaping awe as I learn to walk and learn to see again, with new senses and transport! This is what the first man in space must have felt like! From this perspective, I can see human awareness and human endeavor for what it is. This is a bit difficult to explain well. The best I can do is an analogy:

Mankind is a swarm of fleas that have made their home on an elephant. The elephant is equivalent to earth for the astronaut, for me, the elephant is 3D space and time. The idea is that the flea swarm spends its entire existence on that one particular scale, seeing and processing data through one particular set of sensory instruments with one particular bandwidth. Being industrious and rational fleas, the swarm maps out and measures every little nook and cranny of the elephant and their little corner of reality—scientific investigation—how we know what we know. They investigate, posit, and attempt with every iota of capacity at their disposal to discern what the hell is going on. Over time, their map of the territory nears completion and they become very secure in their everyday existence, secure in the knowledge that they more or less know what is going on.

Then, one day, the wind picks up, and this flea gets blown off the elephant body. Through the contrast of the elephant body with its surrounding space, that flea finally GETS IT. He can see the shape, perceive the forest for the trees. The elephant wasn’t a map of intellectually-derived notions—it was a bloody elephant!! What Yuri Gagarin must have experienced, I am analogously experiencing—to FLY OUT and LOOK BACK for the first time. Ah! The jaw drops, my friends. The head shakes slowly from side-to-side in apparent disbelief. This Is Understanding.

From this vantage, contrasting our religious and scientific theories to the background of this space. I go through the great religions one by one, knowing the prophets and see-ers of old glimpsed something similar to this, had a similar epiphany, and wrote about it. And came back with their own articulations of the state of affairs, colored by the cultural filters of the superstitions and fallacies from the time they came. Reality has always been this way. It hasn’t changed, though we’ve been becoming more and more aware and precise. Every articulated religious, mystic, and scientific sentence describing reality, “how it is”, is but a mere snapshot someone took on a trip to take back and show the folks, as it were. So I have this huge collection of intellectual “snapshots” in my pocket (so to speak) that our species has taken over the millennia, and I’m holding them up, one-by-one, to the background of this out-of-body, higher dimensional space, and I’m chuckling to myself to see their inherent two-dimensionality, how I (we) could have mistaken these pictures for the real thing all this time!

We say the same thing over and over and over from different vantages, in different words. We think one articulation is an old idea because it came from a primitive mind X number of years ago, but … True Reality hasn’t changed! Not in that short of time. Though, the dialectic, the discussion may have evolved, become more precise and imprecise at different points. What I am experiencing has always been, even as our ideas of it have changed.

But what is most interesting here is that Shamanism was the first and so too, I think, will it be the last. It was the first and last medicine, the first and last science, the first and last source of knowledge, the first and last frontier. Indeed, Shamanism is older than spoken language itself! Bloody hell, this is getting a bit much. I can feel my brain over-heating, slow down my friend. There’s time enough to take this in one bit at a time in future journeys.

I return back to my body.

I am aware that I possess a ball of awareness or attention in the energy fields surrounding my body. If I place my awareness on my throat, it will relax completely. If I place it in my brain, I can HEAR and FEEL and SEE the neurons firing. If I place it in my ear, I can HEAR and FEEL and SEE my eardrums pounding as if I were a second entity listening, watching, and feeling my own ears. I spend some time peering at slices of the raw innards of my body. I notice that when I have a stressful thought, I can see the stress appear as the color red in my energy field and then lead to the muscle and tissue contracting in that same area. When I think relaxing and peaceful thoughts, the opposite happens: happy thought, in flows green energy to a red area, muscles and tissues relax. WOW. This is the mind-body connection in the flesh! I now understand how traditional shamans heal. In shamanic cultures, the shaman is the one who takes the drugs, not the patient! The shaman can then move this ball of awareness inside the patient’s body to diagnose and perform requisite psychic therapies. Fascinating.

I further could understand how it would be possible to communicate with and perhaps even share animal minds. Just enter this space and look for one to jump into. If the human body is a “learning suit”, a hardware, an apparatus the spirit inhabits to figure things out and learn to express itself in different ways, so too do other living organisms have these hardware “learning suits” that you can just, well, jump into. Native American shamans speak of jumping into the minds of birds of prey or bears and experiencing the life of that bird or bear. Seeing through its eyeballs, its binocular camera lenses, the particular filters of its learning suit, yet simultaneously maintaining the monkey mind awareness.

We consider the body and mind to be one, yet clearly, I am experientially demonstrating to myself that this is simply not true. Shamanics separate the mind from the body and open up all manner of possibility and understanding separate from the limitations of the learning-suit, expression-capable body we inhabit!

Lastly, I finally understand why energy work alone cannot enlighten. Energy is just energy by itself. It is not awareness or understanding. I have been performing energy work of all kinds, sending streams and reams of the stuff to my brain for ages now, yet as self-evidenced by this experience, I remained completely wholly cosmically dimensionally ignorant. It takes a separation of mind and body and an exploration into the mysteries to begin to UNDERSTAND. Energy alone is not the thing, though, clearly, it is the means by which the thing is attained.

There were many more insights, mostly relating to scale and relativity, that were beheld to me and that I tried rather strenuously to grasp with my terribly incompetent ape brain. But I doubt I shall ever be able to put them into words. So I’ll leave it at that.

This has been my shamanic initiation. It was a pleasure sharing it with you.

As Terence McKenna said, a Shaman is someone who has seen the beginning and seen the end. Not a Buddha, but a buddhic scientist and explorer, if you will. I begin to understand the story now in most absolute terms. I mean, I’m GETTING it. I’m groking the heretofore ungrokable! And it is with child-like wonder that I do this.

Life is not near so ordinary as we pretend.

Exp Year: 2003 ExpID: 25214
Gender: Male  
Age at time of experience: Not Given  
Published: Aug 8, 2005 Views: 15,647

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