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Shabistari, Mahmud - The Gulshan-i raz - The very first verse was the universal Intellect



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Garden of Mystery – The Gulsham-i  raz of Mahmud Shabistari

The very first verse was the universal Intellect
As such it resembles the B of Bismillah

Second came the Universal Soul like the verse of light
which was like a lamp of exceedingly brilliant light

The third verse to appear was the Throne of the Merciful
Know that the fourth verse was that of His footstool

After this came words concerning the seven heavens
In them are found the Surah of the seven verses

Now look at the bodies made of the elements
Each one of them is a manifest sign

After these come mineral, vegetable and animal bodies
for which it's impossible to count all the signs

The last to descend is the human soul
for which reason the Koran ends with the chapter 'Man'.

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Shabistari, Mahmud

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