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Ramana Maharshi - Ramana the Magician - Awareness wherein brightly shine



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Sri Muruganar (1893–1973) was one of Ramana Maharishi's foremost devotees.  He lived with him for over 26 years and recorded one of the most comprehensive collections of Ramana's sayings in a work called Guru Vachaka Kovai, "The Garland of Guru's Sayings". Ramana carefully reviewed all the works Muruganar produced, modifying them to more accurately reflect his teaching, where needed and adding in additional material

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Sri Muruganar – from Ramana the Magician

Awareness wherein brightly shine

These many forms of persons, places, time,
All separate seeming though in substance one
Into that same Awareness he transmuted
This 'I' of mine. Now, nothing to be known

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Ramana Maharshi

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