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Rhys Brydydd - The smallest if compared with small



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Eleanor C Merry – The Flaming Door

The God Hu was the all-ruling Divinity of  Western Celtic mythology. He represented the power and glory of the spiritual world, and in that sense, the spiritual, not the physical Sun [and Moon]. He was wedded to the Goddess Ceridwen; and Ceridwen was the Soul of the World, bestowing the power of vision upon the human soul.

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Poem by Rhys Brydydd: 15th century AD

The smallest, if compared with small,
Is the Mighty Hu, in the world's judgment,
And he is the greatest, and Lord over us,
And our God of Mystery:
Light is his course and swift:
A particle of lucid sunshine is his car:
He is great on land and seas,
The greatest whom I shall behold-
Greater than worlds-Let us beware
Of mean indignity, to him who deals in bounty.'

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