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See also chess.

The knight takes on the symbolism of the hero in that the person is an active traveller on the spiritual path.  A knight on a horse also benefits from the symbolism of the horse as a means of transport. There is the implied need for considerable physical activity in the exploits of the knight, the need to defend [shield] and if need be attack [sword] to promote and defend what is ‘good’ and to achieve the challenge that he has taken on.

Thus the challenge is generally not an intellectual one – this tends to be the role of the hermit – but as a warrior and a guardian of Treasure. There is also an implied role in the defending of Kings and Queens and the attack of aggressive forces that may aim to remove the King or Queen to which he is affiliated.

This is a ‘real world’ [physical] role with a spiritual aspect to it.  The knight exists with different names in numerous cultures.  In the martial arts cultures of the east these are the warriors – samurai and ninja/ninpo.  Thus all knights/warriors are said to have weapons, but these are again symbolic potentialities rather than physical things.

The knight is actually a fairly low rank fighter within the symbolic feudal hierarchy





The Yamabushi mystic monks.



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