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Maeterlinck, Maurice - Concerning the spiritual in art - Wassily Kandinsky 2



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Concerning the spiritual in art – Wassily Kandinsky

When one of Maeterlinck's plays was produced in St. Petersburg under his own guidance, he himself at one of the rehearsals had a tower represented by a plain piece of hanging linen.

It was of no importance to him to have elaborate scenery prepared.

He did as children, the greatest imaginers of all time, always do in their games; for they use a stick for a horse or create entire regiments of cavalry out of chalks. And in the same way a chalk with a notch in it is changed from a knight into a horse.

On similar lines the imagination of the spectator plays in the modern theatre, and especially in that of Russia, an important part. And this is a notable element in the transition from the material to the spiritual in the theatre of the future

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Maeterlinck, Maurice

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