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The role of the 'knight' is found in chess as well as in the tarot cards.  The knight takes on the symbolism of the hero in that the person is an active traveller on the spiritual path.  A knight on a horse also benefits from the symbolism of the horse as a means of transport. There is the implied need for considerable physical activity in the exploits of the knight, the need to defend [shield] and if need be attack [sword] to promote and defend what is ‘good’ and to achieve the challenge that he has taken on.

The role of the knight is an old one in all mystic systems.  Originally, the knight defended the faith and the Queen and High Priestess.  It was only later when kings appeared that they became a fighting force under the king

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Below Hilton of Cadboll stone

A Queen riding with her knights accompanied by dogs.  The two trumpeters may be associated with the symbolism of the twin horns


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Twin horns

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