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Healer H

Category: Healer

In the course of this project I got to know a lot of healers - acupuncturists, kinesiologists, reiki healers, reflexologists, acupressure, tapping, massage, hypnotherapists, physiotherapists and psychotherapists.

Healer H is one of these and I could have listed her under the category Observer 771 but for one difference, because we seemed to be remarkably attuned to one another, we decided to try a rather unique experiment using her skills, but with me as the guinea pig.

She was trained in a number of techniques that used stimulation using trigger points, but the easiest and quickest approach seemed to be to use acupuncture.  We allocated two hours to each experiment and over a period of several months, we had weekly sessions to see what might happen. 

The objective of each experiment was not to heal [although it did help a great deal with my blood pressure] but to use the acupuncture points and adjust them to achieve high levels of energy flow in me.  In effect she would use her skills to get the rivers and streams of energy flowing at full flood and then use me as a portal!

She had the gift of vision and could go out of body.  These skills were kicked into play by a series of truly traumatic psychological traumas coupled with a very nasty case of physical abuse. Once the door had been opened however, it remained permanently open and she had extraordinary gifts as a consequence.  She could 'see' and I seemed to be an ideal portal.

And so we tried various alternative trigger points [where she was helped by a spirit helper who seemed to be happy to oblige in letting us know which points were best] and obtained some truly extraordinary results.

We eventually decided to call it a day, after I got a little worried about the extent she was hurtling all over the spiritual world like the Story of Phaeton, I was worried I might lose her, unpractised as she was with being shot out like a rocket into the aether, and I didn't want that to happen or be responsible for it.

But this series of experiments does show just how powerful stimulation using trigger points can be.  Note that the experiences are hers, not mine; in the following observations I was merely a useful entry point.  Whilst all this was happening, most of the time I felt a quite wonderful sense of peace and often became very cold internally.


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