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Healer H - Having a board meeting



Type of Spiritual Experience


This was an experiment – a joint experiment where I was subjected to stimulation via trigger point techniques and another person  - the observer - used Reiki to use me as a portal – it was successful on a number of occasions and you will find a number of observations derived from this approach

A description of the experience

October transcript

round wooden table with six people sitting round it with high backed chairs – having a board meeting!

Scene of more high backed chairs … at the cinema.. …...coats hung over the back of the chairs...... ready to watch the entertainment.......

 purple arm chair with a crochet blanket over the back – the armchair is empty!... oh they want you to sit in it... more rest they say

i'm going down down down … in a sort of lift shaft

2 rows of people opposite each other... they are handing out money... or a present?  … I think it is for you … the gift

my hands are over your heart chakra and I feel sadness

image of you putting out the washing – 3 men's shirts all fresh and clean

a crystal ball is thrown into the air, a crowd of people put their hands up to catch it..... a banquet?  A wedding?

A group of people in a field covered with snow build a snowman... there is a group of people in a line all working together to put the carrot and the coal on the snowman.......

brown leather shoes in a shoe box are shown to me

red cross sparkling – I think it is you rising up through the cross

 …......................... i'm shown three long mirrors attached together like a room divider/screen …......woman takes a glance in the mirror and walks past quickly – not paying too much attention to herself

 a wooden bookcase now... a series... with glass doors.. books are shown me

 lady in a bright pink dress in a big castle sits down in a big armchair – she shows me her pearl necklace but takes off her pearl bracelet to give to me

a big celtic spanner is shown me …. 2 knights use the spanner to prize off a metal grating with holes in... inside is a key

…....... now a man in a blue robe with rope around the waist lifts a brown book off the table and waves it at me........

tired now.......

that's all...........

The source of the experience

Healer H

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