Symbols - What does heaven look like


Also snowwomen!  This takes on the symbolism of snow

In this context only [that of the spiritual world] it is a person at the purification and relearning stage of the spiritual path as it is white – the colour of purity. 

There is also implied within the symbolism the concept of chastity – as in some systems the final stage of the spiritual path is achieved via sexual stimulation methods that require abstinence from sex for the period during which energy is being accumulated for the final stage

The building of a snowman is itself somewhat symbolic as the eyes of a snow man are often made of coal fire and the carrot of the snowman’s nose looks like a cone and is red in colour – the level of fire. So there is a sort of ambivalence about snowman both black and white, cold and hot.  Fire and ice.  Burnt by fire.


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